A Comprehensive Approach to Consulting


Retirement Planning
Personal Retirement Planning
In-Retirement Planning
Group/Company Schemes
Income Drawdown
Pension Transfers

At John Summers - Financial Advisor, I provide a wide range of consulting services tailored to our clients’ needs. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

If you are unclear or unsure on anything - be sure that you are not the only one.  No question is a stupid question!


Lump sum investments Ipswich

Lump sum investments Suffolk

Income Generation Ipswich

Income Generation Suffolk

Tax Free ISA Ipswich

Tax Free ISA Suffolk

Wealth Management Ipswich

Wealth Management Suffolk

Savings and Investments Ipswich

Savings and Investments Suffolk

Ipswich Mortgage

Suffolk Mortgage

Mortgage Broker Ipswich

Mortgage Broker Suffolk

Ipswich Mortgage Broker

Suffolk Mortgage Broker


Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Ipswich

Mortgage Protection Suffolk

Income Protection Ipswich

Income Protection

Income Protection Suffolk

Sick Pay

Life Assurance Ipswich

Life Assurance Suffolk

Insurance Broker Ipswich

Insurance Broker Suffolk

Pension Advice Ipswich

Pension Advice Suffolk

Pensions Ipswich

Pensions Suffolk